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Chapter Summaries and Questions - Daniel

Chapter 1 Overview
The chapter begins with Justice Wargrave taking a train to the town of Sticklehaven where he will then catch a boat to Indian Island. He received a note from a friend he hasn't seen in eight years, Constance Culmington. Many people believe that a film star or perhaps a member of the royal family owns the island. Vera Claythorne is on the same train as Justice Wargrave reflecting on her invitation to the island. She has been hired as a secretary by the wife of the island's owner. She was recently cleared of all blame in someone’s death, but Hugo Hamilton thought she was guilty. She glances at a man across from her, Philip Lombard who finds her attractive. Philip Lombard was hired on the island for a mysterious job. Emily Brent sits in another part of the train having been invited by someone who claims to have shared a guesthouse with her. Not being able to read the signature on the letter she accepts the invitation. General Macarthur is on a different train to Sticklehaven. He was invited to the island on a promise that some of his old friends would be there. He is glad to be invited because he thinks people try to avoid him over a rumor about him. Dr. Armstrong is driving to the island and was invited to the island because of Mr. Owen's ailing wife. Tony Marston speeds past Dr. Armstrong on his way to the Indian Island. A former detective, Mr. Blore, is on another train to the island reading over a list of names of people who will be on the island. An old man on the same train warns him that a storm is coming and that the Day of Judgment is near.

Chapter 1 Questions
1. What town does the train arrive in?
2. Who purchased Indian Island?
3. Who is the detective soon to be on the island?
4. Was the rumor about General Macarthur told? If so what was it?
5. Who was thought to have killed someone, but found was not guilty?

Chapter 2 Overview
At the Sticklehaven train station two taxis wait for the guest to arrive. They will take them to the dock where they will then go to Indian Island. Justice Wargrave and Emily Brent share one cab, but before the second cab could leave they had to wait for General Macarthur to arrive on the slower train. In this time Philip Lombard and Vera Claythorne make small talk while waiting for Macarthur to arrive. The three of them take the second taxi to the dock where Emily and Wargrave are waiting. With them is a man who introduces himself as Davis. Just as the guest are about to depart to the island Tony Marson's car appears. As the group is ferried across the water the captain Fred Narracott reflects on what he believes to be an odd group of people who don't look as though they are friends with a millionaire, which according to him Mr. Owen must be. As the guest arrive at the island they head to a modern looking house and are greeted by the butler Mr. Rogers and his wife. Mr. Rogers tells the guests that Mr. Owen was held up but that they should make themselves at home. The guests head to their rooms. In Vera's room a nursery rhyme sits on the wall where ten little Indians get killed off one by one. Dr. Armstrong arrives in the evening and on his way in he speaks to Wargrave who then learns that no one by the name of Constance Culmington is expected on the island. Upstairs Blore notices the "Ten Little Indians" rhyme. Most of the guest starts heading downstairs for dinner.

Chapter 2 Questions
1. What is the name of the person waiting for the guests at the dock?
2. Who arrived at the house separate from everyone else in the evening?
3. What is the name of the rhyme hanging in Vera and Blore's rooms?
4. Who greets the guest at the house?
5. Which guest is already having second thoughts and wants to leave the island?

Chapter 3 Overview
While enjoying their dinner the guest notice ten Indian figures sitting on the table and begin talking about the rhyme they had hanging on their walls. After diner everyone moves to the drawing room except Mrs. Rogers where they then are accused of murdering someone naming both the victim and the date. The voice stops and everyone is shocked at what they just heard. Lombard finds an old record player and is upset. Mr. Rogers says he had to play the voice because of orders, but had no idea what was on it. Mr. and Mrs. Rogers go on to explain that they have never met their employer Mr. Owen. They said an agency hired them through mail. After hearing this everyone goes on to explain how they got invited to the island. They soon find out that Mr. Blore was hiding his true name as he was hired as a private detective. Wargrave then decides that a homicidal maniac has invited them to the island after realizing that he impersonated various old friends and his name is closely related to unknown. (U.N. Owen)

Chapter 3 Questions
1. What items were on the dining table that sparked conversation?
2. Who was ordered to play the recorded voice detailing everyone’s murder?
3. Has anyone met Mr. Owen, the person that invited them to the island?
4. What room was everyone in where they found out about who murdered who?

Chapter 4 Overview
Chapter 4 begins with the subject changing from who Mr. Owen is to the accusations made by the voice on the record. Wargrave was accused of killing a man named Edward Seton. Vera was accused of killing Cyril Hamilton. Macarthur is accused of killing his wife’s lover. Lombard is accused of killing twenty-one members of an East African tribe. Tony Marston is accused of killing John and Lucy Combes. Mr. and Mrs. Rogers are accused of killing Jennifer Brady. Blore is accused of killing James Landor. Armstrong is accused of killing a woman named Louisa Mary Cless. Emily Brent who was recently exonerated of a murder did not try to defend herself. Everyone gave reasons as to how they were not directly responsible for the death of whom they were accused. Wargrave suggest that everyone leaves the following morning and everyone agrees except for Tony Marston who then takes a drink, chokes, and dies.

Chapter 4 Questions
1. Who is the first person to die on Indian Island?
2. Who is the only person who doesn’t try to defend themselves against whom they are accused of killing?
3. Who suggest that they all leave and go home the next day?

Chapter 5 Overview
Following the random death of Marston, Armstrong examines the drink he had poured and determined that is was poisoned. It is then assumed he committed suicide yet no one knows why he would have wanted to take his own life. Marston’s body is carried upstairs where he is placed beneath a sheet. Everyone else goes upstairs and goes to sleep locking the doors behind them. Wargrave contemplates over his sentencing of Edward Seton who he is accused of murdering. As this is happening Mr. Rogers is cleaning up down stairs and notices that the once ten Indians are now down to nine on the table. Macarthur also recalls the person he was accused of murdering whom he found out was having an affair with his wife. Knowing this Macarthur ordered him on an impossible mission which ended his life. After this long thought Macarthur comes to a realization that he doesn’t want to leave the island. Vera remembers her time as Cyril’s governess. She falls in love with Cyril’s cousin but he is too poor to marry her, but she knows if Cyril dies he will inherit the fortune. One day Cyril begs Vera to swim to a rock in the ocean. She pushes these thoughts away and notices that Marston died the same way the first Indian died in the poem hanging on the wall.

Chapter 5 Questions
1. What does Mr. Rogers notice about the table where the guests were eating?
2. What is the correlation between Marston’s death and the rhyme hanging on each guest’s wall?
3. Who are the three guest’s who have recollections about who the killed?

Chapter 6 Overview
Armstrong has a nightmare about operating on a patient that looked like Emily Brent and the like Marston. He is then awoken by Mr. Rogers who claims he can’t wake his wife up. Armstrong learns that she has died in her sleep, possibly because of sleeping pills she took. Mr. Rogers said that the only pills she took were the ones supplied by Armstrong. In the morning the guest wake hoping to catch the ferry back to the mainland, but it doesn’t come. It is then that the guest learns about Mrs. Roger’s death. The guests are alarmed and then start speculating as to how it happened, some conclusions coming to Mr. Rogers wanting to cover up their secret. Blore and Lombard discuss what is happening on the terrace and decide that the ferry is not coming back. Macarthur agrees and claims no one will get off the island. Mr. Rogers is then frightened by the fact only eight Indian figures remain on the table.

Chapter 6 Questions
1. Who dies in their sleep and how did it happen?
2. Does the ferry ever come back for the guests?
3. How many Indians on the table remain?

Chapter 7 Overview
Emily and Vera decide to take a walk. Emily restates her conviction that Mrs. Rogers more than likely died of having a guilty conscience. Emily tells Vera of the woman she is accused of killing saying that Beatrice Taylor was a maid who worked for her family, but got pregnant. After finding this out Emily through her out of the house and Beatrice then committed suicide by drowning herself. Emily does not feel any remorse for what happened. During their walk Lombard and Armstrong discuss how Mrs. Rogers might have died. They don’t believe she killed herself, but have reason to believe that the two had killed the person they were accused of killing. Armstrong goes on to tell about how the rhyme on the wall corresponds to the first two deaths. After this they agree that Mr. Owen is the one that murdered them and is now hiding on the island.

Chapter 7 Questions
1. Who do Armstrong and Lombard believe killed Mrs. Rogers and Marston?
2. How did the woman Emily is accused of killing really die?
3. Who does Lombard believe killed Mrs. Rogers?

Chapter 8 Overview
Armstrong and Lombard are joined by Blore to search the island for Mr. Owen. Since the island is mostly covered in rocks there wasn’t really anywhere for Mr. Owen to hide. It is then that Blore finds out that Lombard is carrying a revolver and that surprises him. On the search they find Macarthur who is dazed staring off into the sea. They come to the conclusion that he is crazy when he says they have very little time and need to leave him alone. They discuss how they might signal the mainland, but realize that Mr. Owen might have told everyone on the mainland to ignore any signal coming from the island. In the meantime a storm is forming over the sea and is headed toward the island which would isolate them. After coming to cliffs they want to search for caves so Blore has to go back to the house for rope. Vera stumbles upon Macarthur and begins talking to him. Macarthur feels relived that his death is coming as he feels guilty over the death of Richmond. After Blore’s return they search for a cave but find none. The three men head back to the house to search it, but come up with nothing as well. It is then they determine that the eight of them are on the island alone.

Chapter 8 Questions
1. Who is the one carrying the revolver?
2. Who is sitting on the beach waiting for an impending death?
3. Does the search by Blore, Macarthur, and Lombard return any results?

Chapter 9 Overview
Blore makes the notion that Armstrong gave Mrs. Rogers an overdose of sleeping medication either on accident or on purpose and Lombard, Blore, and Armstrong become argumentative. Bore wants to know why Lombard carries a gun around with him and he explains that he was hired to do a job by Isaac Morris. When lunch is called everyone heads in except for Macarthur whom Armstrong goes to get. Rogers didn't spend much time making lunch and is hopeful everyone will like it. During lunch everyone is talking about the approaching storm. Soon after Vera comes into the room exclaiming that Macarthur is dead and Armstrong confirms this saying that he was killed by a head injury. As Armstrong and Blore retrieve Macarthur’s body the storm breaks. Vera and Rogers both notice only seven Indians on the dining room table. Everyone except Rogers heads to the drawing room for a meeting whom Wargrave takes charge of. He comes to the conclusion that the murderer is one of the guests. Everyone gives excuses as to how they couldn't be the murderer, and Wargrave warns everyone to be on their guard and he dismisses the meeting.

Chapter 9 Questions
1. Why does Blore become upset about Lombard?
2. Who is discovered dead when everyone is having lunch?
3. What was discussed in the drawing room?

Chapter 10 Overview
Lombard and Vera begin talking in the living room and they both agree that they don't suspect each other of murdering someone. Lombard suspects Wargrave of committing the murders claiming Wargrave has spent too much time being judge and wants to be the executioner too. Vera believes it is Armstrong because two deaths by poison seems to coincidental. While Mr. Rogers is polishing the silver he asks Blore if he has any suspicions as to who the murderer is. Blore will not tell him who he thinks is killing everyone. Wargrave and Armstrong talk and Wargrave tells Armstrong that he thinks he knows who has been committing the murders, although his evidence would not hold up in court. Emily is tired and begins writing in her dairy and ends up writing that Beatrice Taylor is the murderer and then begins to think she is going mad. Later that afternoon while everyone is having tea Rogers says that an oil silk bathroom curtain is missing and everyone becomes nervous. Everyone goes to be locking their doors. Mr. Rogers looks the dining room door so that no Indians can be removed from the room.

Chapter 10 Questions
1. Who does Vera believe committed the murders?
2. Who does Lombard accuse of committing the murders?
3. Does Wargrave or Armstrong reveal who they think murdered the guests?
4. Why does Mr. Rogers lock the dining room door?
5. What was missing from the bathroom that goes everyone nervous?

Chapter 11 Overview
Lombard, Blore, and Wargrave sleep in late and Lombard wonders why Mr. Rogers did not come in to wake him. When he heads downstairs no one can seem to find Rogers. Emily comes in from outside saying that she was walking around the island. Vera discovers that a statue is missing from the dining room table. They find Rogers body in the woodshed with a hatchet in his neck. Vera breaks down exclaiming that it matches the rhyme saying that one Indian chopped himself in half and that the next one pertains to bees. Vera and Emily prepare breakfast and Blore tells Lombard that he thinks Emily is the killer. Blore now admits to Lombard that he testified against an innocent man. Vera daydreams about Cyril disappearing into the water. Everyone at breakfast is nervous about who might be next.

Chapter 11 Questions
1. What is discovered in the woodshed?
2. Who was out walking around the island?
3. What does Blore tell Lombard that he did?
4. How might the next guest in the house be murdered?
5. Who does Lombard think is killing everyone?

Chapter 12 Overview
Wargrave suggests that everyone get together to discuss what is happening. Emily is drowsy and remains at the table. She quickly rejects Armstrongs attempt to give her a sedative. The others go into the kitchen to clean up after breakfast and Emily sees a bee. She realizes that someone is behind her and she thinks it is Beatrice. She then feels something prick her neck. Everyone meets in the drawing room and Blore discusses how he thinks that Emily is the killer. Vera tells everyone about the story of Beatrice and everyone tends to agree except for Wargrave who says they don't have any evidence. When they go to get Emily they find her dead and her skin blue. They see a bee outside and notice that she died of an injection from a hypodermic syringe. Armstrong admits he has one but when they go to his room to find it, it is gone. Wargrave suggest that everyone lock away and potential weapons. When they try to find Lombard’s gun it is missing. Everyone strips down to be searched for weapons. Everything is locked in a case and then locked in a chest. The two keys are given to Lombard and one to Blore. The group goes to look for Lombard's gun but find they syringe thrown out the dining room window as well as the sixth Indian.

Chapter 12 Questions
1. How does Emily die?
2. How are potential weapons death with in the house?
3. What two items are missing after Emily's death?
4. What is found outside the dining room window?

Chapter 13 Overview
Everyone moves to the drawing room and Armstrong seems very nervous. His hands are shaking and he is lighting cigarette after cigarette. The guests are forced into using candles as Mr. Rogers is no longer around to use the generator. Vera goes to make everyone tea and they all follow her to watch her make it. When Vera goes to take a shower she is reminded of the seashore where Cyril drowned. Vera's candle blows out and she feels something wet touch her throat. She screams and everyone runs in to discover seaweed hanging from the ceiling. Lombard makes the conclusion that it was meant to frighten her to death. They discover that Wargrave is missing and run downstairs. They find that he is sitting in a chair with a red curtain around him that was missing from the bathroom and wearing a wig. Armstrong looks at him and says that he was shot in the head. They notice that the fifth Indian in the poem died dressed like a judge.

Chapter 13 Questions
1. Why does Vera scream in the bathroom?
2. Who dies in this chapter?
3. How is that person found dead?

Chapter 14 Overview
Only four guests remain now and they have a simple dinner and head off to bed. Everyone believes they know who is the killer, but accusations will not be made out loud. When Lombard enters his room he notices that his gun is back in his drawer. Vera lies awake remembering the time she told Cyril that he could swim out to the rock knowing he would not make it. She begins to wonder if Hugo knows what she did. She sees the hook that the seaweed must have hung from and is fascinated by it. Blore tries to logically determine who may have committed the murders but framing Landor floods his mind. Blore leaves his room after hearing noises outside. He sees a figure leave out the front door and checks Armstrong’s room to discover he is missing. They search the entire island and cannot find him. They realize that only three Indian figures remain.

Chapter 14 Questions
1. What does Vera see hanging from her ceiling?
2. Why does Blore leave his room?
3. Who is discovered missing?
4. How many Indian figures remain after the disappearance?

Chapter 15 Overview
After eating breakfast Lombard begins making plans to signal the mainland. They try to come up with theories of how Armstrong might have died. Blore begins accusing Lombard of being the killer. In the rhyme it says that "A red herring swallowed one and then there were three." A red herring refers to a decoy and Blore saw someone leave out the front door before Armstrong's disappearance. Blore says the next one is about a zoo, but can't see how that would happen on the island. Vera, Blore, and Lombard spend most of the morning trying to signal the mainland with a mirror but there is no response. While Blore goes to get something to eat from the house Lombard tries to convince Vera that Blores is the murderer. They hear a crash from the house and go to check it out. They find that Blore was crushed by bear-shaped clock that once stood on Vera's mantle. On their way back to the cliffs the discover Armstrong's body.

Chapter 15 Questions
1. How do Vera, Blore, and Lombard try to signal the mainland?
2. How does Blore die when he went back to the house?
3. What is discovered on the beach when Vera and Lombard head back to the cliffs?

Chapter 16 Overview
Vera and Lombard stand over Armstrong’s body. They decide to move it to the shoreline. When they finish moving the body Lombard notices that Vera stole his revolver from him. He lunges at her and is shot in the heart he is killed. Vera goes back to the house until help arrives and breaks two of the Indian figures. Recalling the last line of the rhyme she heads upstairs to see if Hugo was waiting for her but discovers a noose hanging from the hook. She remembers the real last line of the book involved the Indian hanging himself. Without hesitation she puts her head through the noose and kicks the chair away.

Chapter 16 Questions
1. Who kills Lombard and how?
2. What does Vera discover hanging from the hook in her ceiling?
3. Who does Vera believe is waiting for her upstairs?
4. How does she kill herself?

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FNDT SLAH said...

Chapter 1:
1. Sticklehaven
2. Many people believe that a film star or a member of the royal family owns the island.
3. Mr. Blore
4. The rumor was not told
5. Vera Claythorne

Chapter 2:
1. Emily and Wargrave
2. Dr. Armstrong
3. "Ten Little Indians"
4. The butler Mr. Rogers and his wife
5. Wargrave

Chapter 3:
1. Ten Indian figures
2. Mr. Rogers
3. No
4. Drawing room

Chapter 4:
1. Tony Marston
2. Emily Brent
3. Wargrave

Chapter 5:
1. He notices that the once ten Indians are now down to nine on the table.
2. Marston died the same way the first Indian died in the poem hanging on the wall
3. Armstrong, Wargrave, and Macarthur

Chapter 6:
1. Mr. Roger's wife, possibly died because of sleeping pills she took
2. No
3. Eight

Chapter 7:
1. The person that accused them of killing
2. Committed suicide by drowning herself
3. Mr. Owen

Chapter 8:
1. Lombard
2. Macarthur
3. They are the only ones on the island

Chapter 9:
1. Wants to know why Lombard carries a gun around with him
2. Macarthur
3. That the murderer is one of the guests

Chapter 10:
1. Armstrong
2. Wargrave
3. They do not give names
4. So that no Indians can be removed from the room.
5. An oil silk bathroom curtain

Chapter 11:
1. Mr. Rogers body
2. Emily
3. He thinks Emily is the killer
4. Bees
5. Mr. Rogers

- Francesca